You are told by us Myths and facts about. male condoms

Myth: Problems with technique

Some customers who seek family planning wrongly believe that male condoms can simply get lost in a woman’s vagina or womb and certainly will travel by way of a woman’s human anatomy, requiring surgery to obtain the condom away.


Studies suggest that the condom hardly ever slips off completely during sex. An average of, about 2% of condoms break or slip off entirely during intercourse, mainly because they’re utilized wrongly. Slippage during withdrawal may be minimized in the event that rim associated with condom is held up against the foot of the penis during withdrawal after ejaculation. Nevertheless, in case a condom does slip, it’s going to go any further than the woman’s vagina, where it could be easily retrieved, without the need for surgery. If a person notices a rest or slide, he should inform their partner so that she can make use of crisis contraceptive pills if she wishes.

Myth: Effectiveness

Some women and men whom look for household preparation don’t desire to utilize condoms that are male they wrongly think that condoms aren’t effective in preventing pregnancy or sexually transmitted infections, including HIV.


The condom that is male a sheath, or covering, that fits over a man’s erect penis. It really works by developing a barrier that keeps semen out from the vagina, preventing maternity. In addition it keeps infections which can be in semen, from the penis, or within the vagina from infecting one other partner. It is almost always made from extremely slim rubber that is latex although a minority are constructed of either animal tissue or polyurethane (synthetic).

Condoms will be the just contraceptive method that may force away both maternity and sexually transmitted infections (STIs), including HIV transmission, whenever employed for genital, dental, or anal intercourse. To help condoms become best they have to be properly used properly and regularly (with every work of intercourse). The possibility of maternity or contracting sexually transmitted infections is best whenever condoms aren’t utilized properly with every work of intercourse.

When utilized correctly and regularly, condoms are 98% effective in preventing maternity. Which means whenever used regularly and properly, about 2 of each 100 ladies whose lovers utilize condoms get pregnant over here within the year that is first of.

Condoms would not have holes that HIV can move across. In reality, whenever utilized regularly and correctly, condom usage stops 80% to 95per cent of HIV transmission that will have happened without condoms. Vinyl condoms are required to offer the protection that is same latex condoms, nonetheless they haven’t been examined completely. Condoms made of animal membrane layer DO protect that is NOT HIV as well as other STIs.

On average, about 2% of condoms break or slip off entirely during intercourse, mainly since they’re used wrongly. Utilized correctly, condoms seldom break.

Lubrication helps avoid condom breakage. You will find 3 ways to present lubrication—natural genital secretions, adding a lubricant, or making use of condoms packed with lubricant on it. Often lubricants made from silicone or glycerine, that are safe to make use of with latex condoms, can be obtained. Clean water and saliva can also be properly used for lubrication. Don’t use services and products made out of oil as they possibly can harm latex condoms.

Myth: health problems and effects that are side

Many people wrongly genuinely believe that making use of male condoms can cause unwanted effects or health threats such as for instance disease, disease, illness, or cancer tumors in gents and ladies.


There aren’t any understood severe quick or long haul side impacts linked to the utilization of condoms. When a condom is employed, ejaculation does occur as normal, so there is not any semen “back up.” There isn’t any proof that condoms cause cancer, either in women or men. In reality, the application of condoms can help force away conditions brought on by STIs including recurring inflammatory that is pelvic, cervical cancer tumors, and infertility.

It will be possible that any particular one may go through mild discomfort in or about the vagina or penis or mild allergic attack to a condom (itching, redness, rash, and/or inflammation of genitals, groin, or legs during or after condom usage). Serious reactions that are allergic hives or rash over a lot of the human body, dizziness, trouble respiration, or lack of awareness after arriving experience of latex. Men and women may be allergic to latex and condoms that are latex. Allergy to latex is uncommon within the basic populace, and reports of moderate allergy symptoms to condoms are extremely unusual. Serious allergy symptoms to condoms are incredibly unusual.

Vinyl condoms made from artificial materials provide an alternate for those who are sensitive or allergic to latex. Plastic condoms are anticipated to offer the protection that is same latex condoms, however they haven’t been examined as thoroughly. The usa Food and Drug management suggests that condoms manufactured from plastic be applied for protection from STIs, including HIV, as long as a person cannot make use of latex condoms. Condoms manufactured from animal epidermis such as for example lambskin (also known as skin that is natural) aren’t effective for preventing STIs, including HIV, nonetheless.

Myth: Premature ejaculation

Some gents and ladies wrongly genuinely believe that male condoms constrict an erect penis, causing early ejaculation.


Using a male condom doesn’t cause early ejaculation. To the contrary, condoms might help users keep an erection much much longer and avoid ejaculation that is premature particularly when the keeping of the condom regarding the penis is just a routine element of intimate foreplay.

Myth: Promiscuity

Some gents and ladies whom look for family preparation think that male condoms encourage infidelity, promiscuity, or prostitution.


There is absolutely no evidence that condoms or other types of contraception affect behavior. The data on contraception generally speaking indicates that sexual behavior is unrelated to use that is contraceptive. In reality, utilizing contraception shows responsible behavior to prevent unintended maternity and sexually transmitted infections.

Myth: sexual interest and sexual satisfaction

Some couples wrongly believe condom usage decreases a libido that is man’s may cause impotence or that condoms reduce or affect sexual joy.


There’s no proof to suggest that condom use causes impotence. Impotence has numerous factors. Some reasons are real, most are psychological. Condoms by themselves usually do not cause impotence. a men that are few have dilemmas maintaining a hardon when using condoms, nonetheless. Other guys, particularly older guys, might have trouble maintaining an erection because condoms can dull the feeling of experiencing sex. Making use of more lubrication can help increase feeling for males condoms that are using.

Some partners become frustrated and lose a number of their intimate excitement once they stop to put for a condom. Some women and men complain that the condom dulls sensation. Nevertheless, numerous partners figure out how to enjoy utilizing condoms included in their intimate foreplay. In reality, a lot of women and males usually state they will have better sex when they normally use condoms, since they can give attention to their pleasure that is sexual without bother about unintended maternity and sexually transmitted infections (STIs).

A couple of might wish to utilize either a textured, ultra slim, or clear condom to increase stimulation. Pleasure are often increased by lubricating the outside and inside of this condom with water-based lubricants. a fall or two of lubricant from the within the condom prior to it being unrolled might help raise the feeling of intercourse for many guys. A lot of lubricant inside, nevertheless, could make the condom slide down. Lubricants made from glycerine or silicone are safe to make use of with latex condoms. Clean saliva and water may also be utilized for lubrication. Don’t use services and products fashioned with oil as lubricants for latex condoms as they possibly can harm latex.

Male condom use will not affect sexual satisfaction in the event that right time by using the condom during sex is correct. (Malaysia)

They do not interfere with sexual pleasure if you use condoms correctly. (Lithuania)

It is not real, please exercise utilizing condoms and get experience. (Bangladesh)

When utilizing a condom, you forget that you’ve got a condom on your penis. Concentrate on what you yourself are doing and you’ll have the exact same satisfaction. (St. Lucia)

The condom that is male maybe maybe not influence the man’s libido or interfere with pleasure. You can make use of male condoms and also have the same pleasure. (Central Africa Republic)

Myth: Size of penis

Some both women and men believe incorrectly that guys who possess a penis that is large never be capable of finding a male condom that fits them precisely.


There are lots of kinds that are different labels of condoms that differ in features such as for example shape, size, color, lubrication, depth, texture, and whether or not they are covered with spermicide.

Though there are considerable variants between your sizes of specific penises, there isn’t any market that is established of sized condoms, also in developed countries. Users ought to be encouraged to test various brands to find out which fits most readily useful. Condoms of 49mm width can easily be bought and tend to be the size that is preferred a smaller condom. Though there is not any “standard” size for bigger condoms, some manufacturers create condoms of 56mm width.

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